About Me

Who Am I?


I help people understand mental health, mental illness, the importance of mental health recovery and suicide prevention first aid. You’ll establish your own healthy boundaries and building relationships that are designed to increase confidence, self esteem an self worth through 1-1 mentoring. I also run workshops and talks for Schools, Colleges, Universities, organisations, professionals, individuals and groups wanting to learn more about Mental Health , Mental Health Recovery and Suicide Prevention.
In 2015 I experienced a nervous breakdown whilst at work, I chose to use the time I was signed off to walk the entire length of Britain to help myself, and raise awareness for Mental Health and homelessness.
Whilst walking, I spoke to businesses & organisations about what help and support they give their staff; it was very limited, largely due to the fact many were inexperienced or uneducated in Mental Health support.
I could see there was a gap in the market for mental health recovery education and suicide prevention first aid training from a lived experience perspective.
In the U.K 1-4 People will experience a common mental health related issue (such as Anxiety or Depression) every year.
It is more important than ever to understand what mental health is, and be able to identify the signs and symptoms of mental ill health, and to provide the correct support and guidance to those who are affected.

Some of my bigest life’s achievments came after losing everything, including;


  • Walked from Lands End to John O’Groats with just £100 and a tent in just 90 days raising awareness for Mental Health and Homelessness.
  • Walked from Swindon to Downing Street to deliver a report on my findings from the walk.
  • Cycled 1,500 miles across 7 countries in Europe in 11 days raising money for charity
  • Cycled from Liverpool to Lands End raising awareness for PTSD in 4 days.
  • Cycled from Barcelona to Paris in 7 days raising awareness for social isolation
  • Cycled from Swindon to the Lake District for Mental Health awareness Week 2016
  • Ran up Snowdonia raising awareness for ADHD
  • Cycled to France in 4 days, 385 miles.
  • Cycled non stop for 11hrs for world bipolar day 2018.
  • Created Steve Carr Mentoring.
  • Created Mindcanyon the Business, delivering Mental Health recovery and Suicide awareness and prevention workshops.
  • Created Mindcanyon Mental Health & Mental Fitness Facebook community .
  • Qualified as a Private Pilot
  • Qualified as a Certified Life Coach
  • Youth Mental Health First Aider
  • One of only a handful of Suicide Awareness and Prevention First Aid trainers.

What I Offer

Mental health, mental health recovery, suicide prevention education workshops and talks, private mentoring.

People who have chosen private mentoring have noticed positive shifts in many areas of their lives.

These are just some of the benefits of 1-1 mentoring.

You’ll gain increased levels of self-worth.

You’ll be able improve your interpersonal relationship skills.

You’ll find your confidence levels increase.

You’ll gain a deeper understanding and awareness of emotions and feelings.

You’ll be able to replace wishful thinking with powerful, result-orientated action.

You’ll develop deeper self awareness abilities.
You’ll be able to analyse your current lives and understand why you are feeling unmotivated or stuck.

You’ll see things in such a way you may not have been able to understand or see before.



You’ll explore the meaning of foundational values, and the effect of limiting beliefs in your life.
You’ll gain an understanding of stress, depression and anxiety and become happier/more productive in your work environment.
You’ll be able to achieve a better work life balance, without suffering from burnout or exhaustion.
As a mentor I use my experience and knowledge in a facilitative manner to support the development of the mentee. However, the responsibility for making things happen and putting plans into action lies primarily with the mentee – not with the mentor.
Areas of qualification:

Life Coaching

Counselling Skills 

Expert By Experiance

Adult Mental Health First Aid

Youth Mental Health First Aid

Suicide Prevention First Aid Trainer

Who is Mentoring for?
Mentoring is for anybody wishing to develop more effectively and quicker than doing it on their own


Contact Me

Tel: 07754746681

Web: www.stevecarr.net

Email: connect@stevecarr.net