What is a Mentor?

A mentor is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as an “experienced and trusted adviser”. 


The role of a mentor will cover at least some of the following:
• Listening to the mentee
• Ask questions to help develop your’s and the mentee’s understanding of a situation or problem.
• Provide information and knowledge and share informal networks
• Provide advice on personal development
• Offer different perspectives
• Provide support and encouragement
• Provide an insight into your work life balance
• Be a sounding board
• Be a critical friend
• Encourage self reflection
• Help mentees identify areas for development

Mentoring is essentially about helping people to develop more effectively. It is a relationship designed to build confidence and support the mentee so they are able to take control of their own development and create a better work life balance.

People need guidance in the form of Mentoring when they need to resolve confusion, allay self-doubt, make decisions, and pave the path towards the realisation of their dreams and goals.
Most of us experience confusion and are unsure about what really makes us feel happy and fulfilled, It’s why people choose assisted guidance, when they need to resolve confusion, allay self-doubt, make decisions and pave the path towards the realisation of their dreams and goals.
People who have chosen private mentoring have noticed positive shifts in many areas of their lives.


What I do


Helping individuals overcome barriers, limiting beliefs and installing the confidence to create a better lifestyle for themselves.


I deliver bespoke mental health, mental health recovery and suicide prevention education workshops and talks to organisations, individuals and groups of people wanting to learn more about mental health.

Public Speaking

I travel the UK speaking at major events, inspiring lives with my powerful story and values. .

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